Cheap Phone Deals

How we save you money @ Cheap Phone Deals

 Operating as an independent broker, Cheap Phone Deals will analyse your present phone and internet usage and recommend the most relevant services for you that will save you top dollar.  

 We have non exclusive contracts with mobile, landline and data service providers. In saying this we are not on any quota, and we will not push any one plan or provider. For our analysts to start work, we need to understand your spending habits and what your current phone rates are.

This is why we will request your last month’s bills and other documentation, so we can identify call spend, call pattern and this will result in identified savings. We offer a free service; we are paid only by the service provider if we can identify savings.

  We look for smart solutions with business packages, and recommending the most appropriate plan for the client needs. The end result should be seamless, and save time and money.

  Cheap Phone Deals has been operating for eight years and has saved our customers thousands.

  In telecommunications maze of rates terms and conditions, let Cheap Phone Deals find you a cheap phone rate and a cheaper monthly bill.