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Thought your new plan looked good only to discover you're actually paying more?  This is not uncommon.  Lets face it, Telco's have fantastic marketing but its the fine print that you need to watch out for.  We love these plans which are suitable for business customers but one size does not fit all, let us do the hard work and determine which plan is best for you through our free bill analysis.

To obtain your free bill analysis, send us a previous phone or internet bill which represents an averages months usage.  Send the bill to or fax to 1300 858 382.  We'll get back to you within 48 hours with some great suggestions on how you can save $$.

  Small Usage Medium Usage Large Usage
Line Rental (for first line) $49.95 $69.95 $129.95
Line Rental (additional lines) $49.95 $54.95  $74.95
Local unlimited unlimited unlimited
National (STD) 13c per minute                         Capped at 50c for 30 minutes 15c untimed unlimited
Mobile 26c per minute                             Capped at $2 for 20 minutes 30c untimed unlimited
Flagfall $0.25 $0 $0
Connection Fee $0 $0 $0


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